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Who We Are

DinaDina, Founder

Dina Daniel was a globetrotting business development executive who always knew that she had a passion for food and hospitality. Through her travels throughout the Middle East, Western Europe, North America, East Africa and Australia, Dina had the opportunity to sample many cuisines. This only confirmed for her that Mediterranean cuisine was among the healthiest and most delicious in the world. She opened two successful restaurants in Cairo, Egypt, before immigrating to the U.S. She didn’t realize then that a far more important passion would soon come into her life. Through her work in D.C. with the award-winning charity Coptic Orphans, Dina had a life-changing experience. She saw firsthand how the organization transformed the lives of orphaned girls in Egypt by giving them an education and a new future. After six fulfilling years with Coptic Orphans, Dina found a way to marry her love of food and hospitality with her intense desire to continue to serve Egypt’s orphaned girls. Fava Pot is the result of these two great passions. Dina loves people and works on the front line every day to hear her customer’s requests and feedback. Knowing Dina, her patrons will be more than customers; they will be her new friends.





amalAmal, Communications Consultant

Amal Morcos has been a communications professional for more than 25 years. She started her career as a fact-checker, working at the largest magazine company in the U.S., Time Inc. In 1990, she decided to devote her career to using her writing talents in service to nonprofits and began working for the United Negro College Fund, the largest black charity in the country. In 1997, she became Executive Director of the Atlanta Press Club. During her six-year tenure, she helped grow the Club to become the largest local press association in the U.S. She successfully managed a $1 million capital campaign and helped produce APC’s award-winning political debate series on public television. In 2006, she fulfilled a longstanding dream of working for an international humanitarian aid organization when she joined IOCC in Baltimore. She reported on the organization’s work among refugees and low-income farmers during her travels to Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, the Caucases and the Middle East.