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Our Vision & Mission

Fava Pot’s vision is to be the number one choice for all busy people who love to eat handmade food which is healthy, and who know that fast food is not for them. Our aim is to satisfy appetites while making dreams come true for orphan girls who have a passion to succeed.

The mission of Fava Pot is to “Eat Healthy for a Good Cause.” Our pledge to you is to always choose the best ingredients for all the meals we serve. Our food will always be cooked fresh on the same day with bread coming out of the oven every morning. We will never use a microwave! This is real handmade food.

Fava Pot sponsors the education of orphan girls in Egypt and supports them to return to serve in their communities. And we give back to our community in the D.C. metropolitan area. When Fava Pot caters for a school or church, we give 15% of the profits back to the organization.

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