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Meet Our Ingredients


Fava Pot’s creamy Tahini is a common ingredient in the Egyptian and Mediterranean diet. Tahini, ground sesame seed, is a rich source of calcium and minerals. Tahini is also a source of vitamin E which serves as an antioxidant.

Beef & Lamb

Our beef and lamb are raised without antibiotics or hormones, and is Halal. Beef and lamb are high in protein. We prepare our Kofta (beef and lamb patties) fresh an hour before we grill them, and season the Kofta with parsley, Mediterranean spices and onions.

Organic Mixed Greens

Fava Pot’s Mediterranean salad includes organic mixed greens and is high in nutrients, especially iron and vitamins A and C. Salads are high in fiber, help speed up the digestive process, and counteract toxins in the body.


Fava Pot’s crispy Egyptian falafel is made from Fava beans instead of chickpeas and is prepared with coriander, parsley, cilantro and scallions. As a legume, Fava beans help regulate metabolism  and are a rich source of potassium, iron and several B-vitamins.

Olive Oil

Our olive oil comes from the mountains of Lebanon and has a fruity, bitter and pungent flavor. Olive oil decreases heart disease and does not cause cholesterol to accumulate. Olive Oil is a major component of the Mediterranean Diet which doctors have proclaimed to be the healthiest.

Cornish Hen

Fava Pot uses Cornish hen raised with no hormones and no antibiotics. Cornish hen is a great source of protein. Fava Pot’s special marinade – yogurt, olive oil, Sumac, garlic and lemon – makes our juicy and tender Cornish hen even more delicious.

Fava Beans

Fava beans, a staple of the Egyptian diet, are high in protein and dietary fiber. When eaten as part of an overall healthy diet, fava beans offer cardiovascular benefits and aid in weight management. We cook our fava beans overnight, releasing their distinctive buttery taste.

Roasted Potatoes

We roast our potatoes, instead of frying them, to extract their health benefits. Roasted potatoes are good for the digestive system and contain potassium and vitamins D, C and A. We mix our potatoes with rosemary, lemon, and olive oil which creates an unforgettable flavor.

Pita Bread

We obtain authentic, thin crust pita bread from Wooden Bakery. The breaking of bread together in the Egyptian and Mediterranean culture symbolizes a readiness to share what one has with others. Pita bread contains vitamins including Riboflavin and Manganese.